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The Secret Of Wealth


The Secret Of Wealth

I am not a one percenter. Not by conventional economic indicators. But I save every month, invest strategically in a low risk portfolio and high risk ventures, own a few properties, and manage to work full time while running several side businesses. I even have time for a healthy social life. But the secret of wealth is broader than that.

So how does someone with less than amazing income achieve financial success? Clear goals, an abundance attitude, and a willingness to make minor sacrifices.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love luxury. I believe the finer things in life are not reserved for those with a ridiculous amount of disposable income.

But by building my skills, adjusting my values and expectations, finding opportunities in unusual places, and training myself to get the same dopamine rush from putting cash in savings that others get from a trip to the mall, I am able to strategically enjoy all the best my world has to offer.

I drive a badass late model SUV.

By outward appearance I must have a crushing car payment for a shiny depreciating asset. I got it through a connection for a few grand from a wealthy woman who didn’t want it in her driveway.

I live in a beautiful home in a great neighborhood. There’s a big backyard with a firepit for parties and entertaining. I pay next to nothing because every spare room is rented to friends who border on family. The house pays for itself.

I mention these things to point out that some of the conventional expenses in our lives can be reexamined and hacked. The amount of income that can be reallocated with just two changes is enough to pad my investment accounts or build my businesses every month.

Excess cash doesn’t do any good if it’s burned frivolously.

I buy the very nicest things that will have lasting intrinsic value to me so that I don’t have to buy them again. Buying cheap stuff because you don’t have a ton of cash is backward. Buy the nice things that add value to your life and skip the rest.

I take a financial independance day each week. I wake up and live as if I were completely financially secure. Oddly those days aren’t too different from any good day. I wake up without an alarm, eat a healthy breakfast, read a great book, spend time with friends and family, go rock climbing or run on the beach, have a nice sushi dinner with my girlfriend — and I don’t think about my businesses or financial position at all!

The insight is that a high quality of life is achievable before complete financial freedom. Total independence is icing on the cake. Don’t get me wrong, I hustle and work, network and innovate, iterate and pivot toward my goals every day. But I balance that with the awareness of where true value is. In the way you live your life. I guess by some standards I’m already pretty wealthy.


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