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Build Your Personal Brand

Let’s face it.

Being easily accessible online is a must these days. Having all of your social media presences curated elevates your personal brand and value to employers, clients, and business partners. To be taken seriously you have to have your personal brand communicate your value and abilities quickly and effectively.

An important step is securing a website that combines all of your social media presences into one place.

These are the steps I took to build my personal website.

The process empowered me and gave me the ability to build websites quickly and easily. I used free and cheap services to learn awesome skills and now I can build a website easily! What a great skill to have in the portfolio.

I started by using Namecheap to purchase a domain name and hosting. Some people suggest purchasing your domain names in a different place than your hosting provider, but I think the ease and simplicity, as well as the great customer service of Namecheap makes it worth it. Whatever you do don’t use GoDaddy. I bought and I got a great deal on hosting. If any of your websites become popular or start getting traction you can upgrade your hosting package accordingly.

The next step is downloading WordPress.

It is very important to use and not! is great, don’t get me wrong, but if you want the most options and are willing to put in a little work to learn some rudimentary skills, is the way to go.

Next you need to choose a theme. There are countless amazing themes for free or for cheap and depending on the purposes of your website you need to plan it out in advance in order to make sure you build the website you really want. For our purposes we’ll assume you’re building your first website and want to keep it to a simple elegant blog format. You can choose one of the standard templates or dig deeper to find something different. But don’t worry, with a little time you can customize any good theme to be unique and personalized.

Play around in WordPress and add some flair. Some pages and posts, links to your other social media accounts, maybe a resume!

If you want to make some cool custom logos or graphics but you don’t want to buy an expensive Adobe cloud collection, there are great options that are free and do most of the critical things you’ll need. I use Gravit to make quick logos and images. I’m not a pro, but they work and they’re free!

Great! Look at that –

For a few bucks a month you’ve got your own personal website that you can put on your business cards or show to potential employers or clients!

Happy personal branding!

What do you thin?

2 comments on “Build Your Personal Brand

Love the graphics, I may have to borrow them from you in a blog post. It was in 2016 I took the step to set up my own website and begin my personal brand as well. It really is satisfying to know you control who you are on the internet. What is out there and what people find when they google me is what I put out there and chose to represent me. There is something liberating about that. Cool post. Thanks for publishing the value. Keep in touch.

Thanks for the comment and congratulations on stepping into the personal branding world! Controlling your online presence does wonders for your personal and career lives – cheers!

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