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3 Steps To Optimize WordPress SEO For Your Blog

3 Steps To Optimize WordPress SEO For Your Blog

So you just started a wordpress blog! Congratulations! There are a lot of steps to take to generate traffic to your site which fall under the category of search engine optimization or SEO.

Here are the first 3 things you should do to start getting indexed by Google.

Download Yoast Plugin for WordPress!

This is the gold standard of SEO plugins for WordPress. In this plugin you will have access to features including:

  1. Focus keyword and content analysis
  2. Post titles and meta descriptions
  3. Robots meta configuration
  4. Readability check
  5. Canonical
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. Primary category
  8. Permalink cleanup
  9. XML sitemaps
  10. RSS enhancements

Follow the steps yoast recommends to optimize your site for SEO!

 Make sure you have a Google account

Set that up then grab that XML sitemap that Yoast provided and head over to Google Console (webmaster tools) and register your site. Make sure to register each version of the site (http://www, http://, https://www, https://) and drop the sitemap in there. If you have some decent content already up, you’ll start getting some indexing going pretty quickly. Don’t expect it to happen overnight though!

Make sure you’re creating great content!

Regularly publishing quality content is the key to longterm success in blogging and digital marketing and ecommerce. If you provide value to people, you’ll be recognized for it. Set up a schedule and try to have pieces prepared in advance. It takes time but content really is king these days!

There are a ton of important steps to take to get indexed and ranked through Google. These are just the very first things to consider. For a more in depth analysis check out this post which links to a great reddit tutorial from user /u/tianan.

Congratulations on your WordPress blog! Now let’s get some people to see it!


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2 comments on “3 Steps To Optimize WordPress SEO For Your Blog

I added the Yoast Plugin and it may editing super slow and laggy. I couldn’t find any clear instructions on how to stop Yoast from causing that problem. So, I unistalled the plugin. Unless Yoast can own up to the problem and improve the functionality, I am going to look for some other SEO optimization plugin or tools.

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